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We produce the steel, stainless steel and aluminum parts for your projects, ready to be assembled by welding or bolting according to your choice. The detailed assembly plans are communicated to you on request, and we assist you if necessary, throughout this final stage.

We transform sheets and tubes into parts ready for your use. Our solutions are aimed at locksmiths-metalworkers, solar energy companies, the agricultural and agri-food sector, construction, street furniture, machine parts, special structures. 

Through us, you will gain market share, time, but also in manufacturing quality.

From the prototype, from small to large series, here are some examples of achievements in metallurgical subcontracting with JM INOX TECHNOLOGIE.


Realization of execution plans, boilermaking plans, locksmith-metalwork plans, assembly plans. Layout calculation, load calculation, DXF, DWG, PDF files. Laser cutting, fiber laser, tube laser, 3D laser, flame cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutting. Bending, rolling, folding. Surface treatment, polishing. 

Consult us and let's prepare your project!

    JM INOX TECHNOLOGY SAS      Phone: 09 83 45 05 55  

  265, Avenue des Baronnes - ZA Les Baronnes, Lot N°9 -  34730 PRADES-LE-LEZ belongs to JM INOX - MADOFSTEEL:     &

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